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Your dream house


still nobody's bitch
What kind of house would you love to live in?

I've always wanted a Craftsman style bungalow, with hard wood floors and built-in bookshelves and a huge porch

I love this house

If I had a porch like this, I'd practically live on it


Registered Member
A giant log cabin, overlooking the water on a chain of lakes. A beach with docking/boathouse with a deck on top. A pontoon boat, my jon boat, maybe a PWC. Field stone fireplaces in the living room, den, bar, and master bedroom. Big master bedroom with a walkthrough closet leading to a private bath with a jacuzzi tub and separate shower. A multiple car garage with in-law quarters above. Lots of storage areas. A modern kitchen with restaurant quality appliances. Oh I could go on! Modest, I know :lol: but if you're gonna dream, dream BIG!


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I really love Nantucket style homes. Something similar to this...

Definitely has to have a big front porch. And a bonfire pit in the back yard.

I like this style on the interior, lots of white trim and hardwood floors, big windows.

This isn't exactly the kitchen I want, but something similar. I love white cabinetry, granite countertops, and tile backsplashes. Gotta have a counter area with bar stools. And professional appliances.

I kind of like these coffered ceilings...

I'd want a nice office with lots of built-in shelving.

In the basement I would have a pool table, a game table for poker or other games, and a bar. I would also want a media/theater room for watching sports and movies.

So yeah, that's the architect in me.

Another part of me just wants a rustic cabin in the wilderness.


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I am in love with the house featured on Modern Family. The one Jay and Gloria live in. Sorry if you have not seen the sitcom. I will try and find pictures of it. O and having a porch is non negotiable! :D


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I love Victorian houses, anything with the lavish gables and lots of bay window space.
A house somewhat like this, even with this particular wood art in front (which is why I have kept this photo, interesting wood).



Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Something like this would be pretty sweet.

It's right beside a beach which would be awesome for me at my current age. I love going to the Beach, you could spend your day there, or just look outside. Also it would be near a beach where you can Surf.

In this house I would love a big basement that has a big entertainment room with a bar and few televisions.

That would be pretty sweet.


I don't have any pictures to post of my dream house but I have all the details of it in my mind. I want a big house with a big backyard, large enough for a lot of animals. It would have to be a fairly modern house as I have a slight fear of old-fashioned houses, I seem to always be worried that they might be haunted.
Inside the house I want a lot of different rooms for my various collections. For example I would love to have one room full of bookshelves where I can keep my large book/dvd/magazine/video game/cd/comic collection all in one place. I would also love to have an indoor pet room for snakes, lizards, turtles, birds etc and all the other exotic pets I would love to have (remember this is a dream house). Aside from those two rooms and a large backyard I mainly want something nice and tidy and spacious, with a cool modern design and the latest technology TV's etc.


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I don't have any pics, but I like the idea of something modern but still cozy. I would start with lots of acreage as I like my space, I want a two story home in a somewhat urban/modern style - lots of steel, concrete, glass, stone and wood features. It absolutely HAS to have a center courtyard and lots of outdoor living spaces which would include fireplaces or firepits, garden rooms, porches, decks, outdoor kitchen, etc. I would love to have some sort of water feature - a pond or river would be ideal.

Inside, I would love to have a library room, large open living areas and a chef's kitchen. For me, I think it's pretty obvious that outdoor space is more important than indoor.


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I'm not super bothered about the appearance of it. So long as it looks all right and has enough rooms for me to function/deal with.

Although, when or if I get my own house I would really like NOT to have any creaking floorboards at all, or stairs that squeak and grown when you go up or down them. I mean, creaking boards don't bother me that much. But I'd prefer the floor to be solid and noiseless if I can help it. ---