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Your desk at Work


aka ginger warlock
Assuming you work in some kind of an office job (and I know there are a lot on here that do) what is your desk like? Is it cluttered with lots of things or do you have a clear desk policy in your office that means it effectively has to be clutter free and almost look like no-one sits there? Do you "hot desk" meaning that you don't have a desk assigned to you permanently?

I am lucky, I have my own desk where I come in every day and use without having to fight for it but when I was in a call centre for Virgin Media there was a switch over of staff at 4pm and at that point there was a rush and a fight to get a desk somewhere, it didn't matter where you sat as long as you had a desk.

On my desk at the moment I have my phone, my pc, one of those tray stacker things, my bowl and a fan which is currently on because it is too warm. I tend to keep my desk tidy as I hate clutter, it messes me up and stresses me out, but what about yours?


Well-Known Member
I like to think of my desk at home as my workstation. I spend a lot of time doing school work and writing my book there. I spend hours working at my desk every day even if it's not technically employment.

Main surface.
-mouse, keyboard, speakers

-pens, pencils, paper.
-random computer parts
-various cables and electronics

-7 bronze angel figurines (on the very top)

I keep my space pretty clean, I hate clutter.


still nobody's bitch
There are no rules about how our desks need to be. I like to keep mine neat and tidy but I don't always succeed, depending on how busy I am. I also have lots of pics of D and drawings she's done for me, plus my latest addition is a Daryl Dixon bobble head.


I ♥ Haters
Our office seems to be pretty lenient about how we keep our work stations. I have my own office (which I thankfully don't have to share with anyone anymore) and I have a nice L-shaped desk. I prefer to keep my desk nice and tidy, however with the amount of paperwork that flows through my office, it can be kind of difficult to keep everything organized. Right now on my desk, I have my computer, of course; a keyboard and 2 monitors (Everyone in accounts has 2 monitors hooked up to their computer), speakers, my "In" and "Out" boxes, my phone, a piece of paper with "obstacles are necessary for success because victory comes only after many struggles and countless defeats" typed on it, which I've taped to my desk, a few pictures of my pets, a notebook in case I have to write something down, a tray labeled "Manifest Reports" and one of those desk organizer deelies that hold your pens, paperclips, stapler, pencils, sticky notes etc.

My drawers have extra office supplies, stamps, ink pads and other junk. Another drawer has nothing but candy in it because I'm a fat kid; I also keep my purse in there. And the very last drawer is basically just a filing cabinet full of manifest reports which go to the logistics manager at the end of the month.

I also have a desk in my room at home which is where I work from when I'm at home like today. It has no drawers or anything of that sort. It's just a desk with my work laptop, a wireless mouse, my cellphone and a table lamp.


Son of Liberty
My desk isn’t cluttered. I have a couple of small stacks on my desk, a desk calendar, my paper calendar, my computer with an additional monitor, a pen holder and a holder for my business cards, and a couple of photographs. I also have a post it note my daughter left on the bottom of my monitor one of the times she visited me.


Creeping On You
My "desk" at work. where i do more than the office people physically all day but make a smidgeon. Apparently going for coffee every 10 min is physically harder than making the actual money maker. bahhh