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Your deodorant?


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I really hope everybody here wears deodorant (if you don't then get some :lol:)

What kind of deodorant do you use? (the kind in a spray can? On a stick? Gel?) Or do you just wear cologne everywhere? (I know one guy that does this)

Personally, I never got over the deodorant on a stick. I use Old Spice because I think it's great, I can't go back, I won't. I really hate the spray stuff, it always has an overly strong smell and gets in the air and makes it hard to breathe.

What's your preference?


Sally Twit
I use a brand called 'Sure' and it is a spray. It is good and never leaves stains on your clothes like some do.
I don't get on well with roll-on deodorant. I find it sticky and weird. It stings if you've shaved as well.


I'm serious
I strongly dislike the spray on kind. A new colleague of mine from work sprayed her deodorant at her desk next to mine when she started working there. She knows not to do it now anymore when I am in the office. It gives me an instant migraine.

I use the stick as well. I've heard of people using the gel and getting like boils type stuff under their arms. So gross.


I use the stick. The sprays never felt like they worked. My current deodorant is Old Spice Wolfthorn. Smells great.


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My favourite is made by Dove, it is a cream in stick form one, the antiperspirant part of it works brilliantly for me, as well as the deodorant aspect. I dislike most spray and roll on ones, but Garnier make some good ones that I have been using recently, they work very well.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I've always used Old Spice High Endurance stick. I've tried gel before and I didn't like it at all. I've never tried spray, but I see no reason to switch from the stick.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I've been using Avon lately, it works good and doesn't stain your cloths. If I can't get Avon I'll buy Secret solid, something that won't stain. Hate those white marks a lot of deodorants leaves on your cloths.


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I use the stick deodorant called Ultra Max. It never usually last through a full day though... Even Old spice doesn't last through the whole day for me. All those even say something like 24hrs of protection, but its just not true.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I recently switched from Axe to Old Spice. I was using the dark temptations scent from Axe and now I use nocturnal creatures from Old Spice. It makes me smell schmexy.


It's not me, it's you.
I use a stick from Dove. I don't have a specific scent that I stick to, I like to vary it here and there. I'm a variety gal, what can I say? Currently I'm using the cucumber melon. I think it's a nice smell for summer.