Your Dating Goals?


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Do you have any goals when you look for somebody to date?

By this I mean do you date just to have a significant other or are you more prone to only date somebody if you think there is potential for something more?

Personally I would not date somebody unless I saw a potential for marriage down the road. I realize you can't always know for sure before getting to know somebody more but then again I wouldn't date somebody I didn't already know to some degree. I think it's a waste of time otherwise.


I dislike dating just for the sake of saying "I have a date".
If I think that person might not be for a long-term relationship [can't say marriage cuz you never know if it'll take you there] ...I won't date him.
I'd rather hang out as friends than call it a date.
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I think it's good, in a way, to experience different kinds of people before deciding what you're truly looking for. But I do definitely like to know someone well first. I hate 'blind dates' etc, and when people try to set you up with a random person they know. urgh


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Same as Rebecca in regards to getting set up. I've actually never gone out on a date without knowing the person first. I like to get to know someone before getting serious. It just how its always been for me.

My parents met on a blind date so I guess it could work. Just not my cup of tea. I dont believe in dating just for the sake of doing so. I date with the thought it could actually lead to something down the road.


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Yeah I'm a serious relationship kind of guy, so I'd prefer to start dating someone with at least the hope that I could get serious and progress.

That being said, I haven't had one in so long that I'm not sure if I wouldn't go on one at this point just to be going on one.


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Well. It depends on your definition of dating.. Yes i whould join a girl on random stuff to get to know her better and see if there is something.. But i whouldn't call it a date. But i gues in the public eyes i whould date someone just to get to know em and see if there is something under the surface(or whatever)..


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In my teens and twenties and pretty much up until I settled down (30) I went with the flow- sometimes I found myself in a serious relationship other times I was happy just having something less. I knew I wasn't ready to settle down therefore didn't pressurize myself in looking for the right person- I knew eventually he'd come along. . .and sure enough he did. <3
i comepletely agree. unless you can see marrige down the road, then why date? the whole reason of dating is to find someone to marry, not to "get experience" for when you are married. anyways... would you want to tell your husband/wife everything you've done with other people?

"Don't do anything with your boyfriend/girlfriend you wouldn't do in front of your parents."

for me best friends of the opposite sex make the best bf/gf because you already know them so well.


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I never go into any relationship with specific expectations. I figure I will just go with the flow and see where things lead. Either way I am going to learn something about myself and other people, so even if someone isn't marriage material, it isn't a waste of my time.


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Brix, How would you get to know someone if you didn't at least go on a date to see if you were compatible? It can sometimes be harder to be friends with the person first in case the relationship doesn't work out and then you lose the friendship you had.