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Your connection speed.


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When you are talking about 30k down, are you talking about 30 kilobits or 30 kilobytes?
Kilobytes. I figured the problem though. It really was no problem, just me. I got confused between 'bits and 'bytes.


New Member
I am on DSL, too. I thought about getting cable but then I would have to change my routers and adapters for my other computers, because cable is not compatible with DSL routers, so I just said forget it.


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I have had DSL, Cable, and a full T1. The T1 is the hands down winner for reliability. It is a very solid, pretty much guaranteed 1.5 Mbit/s connection.

Bit cable CAN be a lot faster. I have cable currently, and I get about 2.5 Mbit/s on it on average.

I kind of miss the old days of cable, though. In the early days, they didn't limit the speeds, and most cable companies dedicate the equivalent of 3 TV channels to the downstream of their IP connections. That relates to about 30 Mbit/s. With 1 channel (10 Mbit/s) upstream. Back before they started limiting it, you could get that kind of connection if you were an early adopter, because cable is a shared-bandwidth. But if you're the only customer, you got it all!

The main thing to remember is that the internet is a chain (or a "series of pipes") :rolleyes: There may be 20-30 "hops" between you and the server that you're getting data from. The connection is only as fast as the SLOWEST connection between those 30 hops!



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I might be changing to 24000kbs soon. What is the current deal on them, or do you know any good sites on them?