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Your Christmas List


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I've never found anything fun about Christmas for a few years now. I believe that a few of you have heard my Christmas rants in the past. The "I f*cking hate Christmas" topic from last year at GC was probably where it was known.
Sorry to hear that, Steve. I hope the holiday turns around eventually and begin to enjoy it again.
Anyway, as far as games, the only two I plan on asking for are Sonic Gems Collection and Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.
I don't really know what else I want.


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Going on a family trip.....Visiting Las Vegas, SanFran, and other places in Cali!! :) Ive never been and soo excited!


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Nightsurfer said:
Oh now let's see where to begin...

Ok Santa...I want a 50cc gas Mountianboard and a new pressure suit.
A case fo Tony Alba 86mm speed wheels...
A Batman TV, Raido, and MP3 player (See them at wallmart)
A copy of Dogs town & Z-Boys, and the lords of Dogstown.
X-men legends 1 & 2 for GC and the new spider man game..
Oh yeah I want a Transformer for Christmas.!!!:D

Santa has seen this list somewhere before :nod: Santa isn't quite sure you've been a good enough boy this year to get even one of these toys. You have less than a month to change your ways.....better get at it! :D
thrillhouse22 said:
Whats the Gems collection? I used to have the Mega Collection but it got jacked and I want it again.
Gems Collection is another collection of old Sonic games. It contains 6 Game Gear games, and some lesser known titles. It has a 1-4 player Sonic fighting game as well as a racing game, which is cool. It also has the infamous Sonic CD, which I've heard is really good. You can also unlock Vectorman 1 & 2.
It doesn't stand up to Mega Collection which has all the classics, but it's still a pretty nice collection.