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Your Christmas Day Forecast


With people from all over the world I thought it could be cool to share different forecasts for Christmas Day.

Right now here in Melbourne, Australia the forecast for Christmas will be a sunny 26C (78F).

That's a nice temp, warm but not really hot which is always nice.


aka ginger warlock
According to a long range forecast for Cockermouth (but if you have ever been to the Lake District you will know the weather can change at a moments notice) it is going to be about 5 degrees but will feel like minus one. It will apparently rain all day which is something we are used to but I am hoping that will change.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Right now they are saying sunny with a high near 44F. Which means it might hit 40. Between now and then lots of rain.


Ms. Malone
In Huddersfield, cloudy with wind and 2-7C temperature.

Seems pretty normal for us, but all that could change between now and then.


Sally Twit
Cloudy with rain. Highs 7 to 9C and lows 1 to 3C.

I am disappointed we won't have a white Christmas.


I'm serious
I see our forecast says 27C (80F) with a real feel of 31C (87F). I'm happy with that. Everything over 33C is just too much for a day spent outside with family having a bbq. It says clear skies as well, which would be great. But this is summer in the Highveld, so rainfall around 4pm is never out of the question.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Our forecast for Christmas right now is a high of 31 degrees F, which is just below 0 C. Only a 10% chance for precipitation. Chances of a White Christmas aren't looking good.


Well-Known Member
Well, I was dreaming of a white Christmas and I think I'm getting one! :)

It'll be 36F (about 2C) outside with a 40% chance of snow. I'm not exactly known for spending a lot of time outside on Christmas Day though. It'll be much colder the rest of the week.
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