Your Childhood Obsession


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This is a spin-off thread from the favorite Childhood Toys thread started by Alecks. After seeing all the posts about Power Rangers it made me think of this.

What were you absolutely obsessed with when you were a child?

For me it was Power Rangers and Captain Planet. Many a times the neighborhood would get together and LARP about those shows. I remember going as the Pink Power Ranger for Halloween one year. We had all the toys, videos, and video games for both. We even managed a Captain planet board game.


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Toys were my obsession, I would buy every action figure out there and I loved Power Rangers, god I miss those days!

Believe me, I get all excited when I see a Power Ranger on TV on here and it's maybe once a year.


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Let's see, back when I was a child. I'm 16 now, so that would mean about ten years ago. I was obsessed with legos. I would my towers or ships then for no reason I would destroy them. Building things were fun. Also being an annoying little brother was fun too, throwing bricks at people for no reason. Haha.


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I was obsessed with any type of stuffed toy. I used to take all mine to my friends house and we'd give them voices and create lives for them. We'd sometimes make them get married, sometimes they'd get divorce and sometimes they'd go to swingers parties.


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I was the girl obsessed with science. I'd catch bugs and dissect them. I also put their guts underneath a microscope I had. I was 8.


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I was obsessed with G.I. Joe and Transformers. I had to have them all. I watched the shows and then would reenact them the way I thought they should have turned out. I would spend days playing with them.

I still have all of them too. Now i get to play with them all over again now that my boys are getting into them.


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Pokemon was my obsession.

There was the TV programmes, films, toys and most importantly the trading card game.

Pokemon cards were a major part of my childhood and I was absolutely obsessed to the max with them. They were banned at my school and I remember getting into loads of arguments and sometimes fights over pokemon cards.

I used to wake up early and watch Pokemon on tele. I also pulled sickes and stayed home to watch the films.

Even now I'll still sometimes see Pokemon on TV and I'll take a glance to see what's changed.

I also still have all my cards in their cases!


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Action man and Evil Knievil stunt bikes were my main ones,i had just every bike going,the rocket car and the tour bus for the stunt sets.
As for action man i had around ten of the figure's lods of different clothing sets and a fair few vehicles as well.


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I loved my Lego, got heaps of sets and built them all, then got bored and used to put them together to make a lot of crazy stuff.