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Your Cell/Mobile Phone History


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So, I see we have a what cell phone you currently have, but not one for all those you've owned in the past, or even just the first cell phone you owned. How old were you when you got your first? Did you have to buy it yourself or did someone else get it for you? How did it die?

My very first phone was one a Nokia 3310 and I thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread. I was 14 and I had to buy it myself. I don't think this one actually died, it was like a brick and though I dropped it many times, it just kept soldiering on.

Then I upgraded to some random phone I can't even remember. It had a weird little aerial that I used to chew though and after a while that killed it's reception.

Then I got a Sanyo 5600. Eventually I got sick of it being too big.

Then a Sanyo SCP 8400. It still runs, I just wanted to change networks as my one at the time was screwing me around.

So I changed networks and got a Nokia Xpress Music. This one worked right up until I got really drunk and vomited all over it

and finally, my very awesome Blackberry Curve 3G


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Mine is a Nokia 5110 and a 3310

And the one I had for years before my BB switch: Nokia N70 (first with a cam)

Now it's BB Bold 9700 (ultimate smart phone finally)

I've always just trusted Nokia. It was a big move for me to go to BlackBerry but I don't regret it.

I think I probably have another model older than the ones I've mentioned but I can't find the pic online. I just know the screen is two-liner and it was quite useful before txt was invented, haha.


I ♥ Haters
I've only had about 3 cellphones up to this point. My very first one was this one...

Nokia 6061 - and it was a piece of crap. No camera, no internet, nothing.

Then it was this one:

A Pink Motorola Razr

And currently I have this one:

A Pink Samsung Cleo (I think it has a different name in the States tho)


Creeping On You
I only ever had 2 types of phones. I got my first one in the fall of 2007. I was 20.

It was a cheap samsung flip phone

I still have this one lying around. It was still working, despite being super scratched up and bashed around and whatnot. I switched from that to my next phone at the start of 2010

Now I have the blackberry curve

I'm actually on my third one of these phones. I have a case for my current one and it's lasted me super long so far.


Sally Twit
So far, my first Mobile was a lot worse than all of yours lol.

I was about 13. It had around 3 ringtones and could store maybe 10 text messages, if that.

Motorola M3788

Then I moved on to the Nokia 3310, a silver one. However, I remember being able to change the case which was so exciting to me. And then there were the Snake competitions on the bus to school lol.

After that, I went back to Motorola again, for the V220:

Then I had a Pink Razr. A different pink to Bubbles:

Getting to the end now. Two years ago I brought a pink LG KS360:

And finally, my beautiful purple princess. Which I have only had for a few months.

Blackberry Curve 8520:



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Here's Mine, thankfully its only 3....excluding the replacement ihones I've had, then it would make it 6 ^_^'

1st Phone:

2nd Phone: Motorola Krazor

3rd Phone: Apple iPhone 3GS



still nobody's bitch
Wow, I must be really lazy compared to you guys because I can't be arsed to post pics of all the types of phones I've had.

My first one was the Nokia that just about everyone had. I don't remember the makers of the other phones I've had except for my most recent pre-Blackberry phone which was a Motorola flip phone. And now I have a Blackberry Curve. meh.


This is my first cell phone. . . . . . .
It was an LG 200C Tracfone



I know I missed a few phones here & there, but these are the ones I can remember...

This looks a lot like my first cell phone...

And then I went to...

And then to...

Then started using Straight Talk, with these two phones...


The last one I just got done ruining by putting it through the wash. :lol:

Now I'm trying to decide one the next phone to get.


For a Free Scotland
First phone:

Then this for many years:

Now since last December this: