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Your Calendar


Registered Member
Do you have a calendar?
What is on your calendar? Theme...
Do you mark your important dates on it? OR just use it to remember what month your in or summet?
If so, perhaps you might elaborate on certain things you have marked on it at the moment... Perhaps something in the near future that you fancy sharing.

For myself:
Usually I get a calendar off someone for Christmas, yet this year I haven't. So this year, I'm using my 2010 calendar, and writing in what day it actually is for important dates... e.g. I've got my driving theory test coming up, on the calendar it would suggest it's on a Monday, yet this is actually going to be a Tuesday in 2011... I know I could just go out and get a calendar for the right year, but I keep forgetting when I go out to the shops. Meh...
I like this calendar though. I got it for Christmas last year, and it has a lovely 'Country Cottages' theme to it, which I think was picked out as a joke from my usual calendar providing person. Also, I don't have to write in all the birthdays I gotta remember, because they're already on it... Woop a doop doop.

Anywho... What about yours? Theme? Dates on it? etc...


The Hierophant
I don't have a calendar at all, though I feel like I should. One year, I had a day by day calendar with a Marvel Comics theme to it. It was cool. I never actually wrote down any important days in it, and I actually saved some of the days that I ripped off because I thought they had some sweet art work on them.

I think I might go get a calendar today, though cause I feel like it'd help me keep track of the date. I have the date on my watch, though, and a calendar on my phone so I don't really ever see the purpose of having another calendar. It would be nice, though.


yellow 4!
The only calendar I own is from 2009 and it's been on my wall at home since I got it at the start of that year. Doesn't have anything written on it, mind. Should probably take that down.

I don't write down important dates anywhere, I just assume I'll remember them or be reminded somehow nearer the time. Other things, such as meetings or whatever, I put down in my school diary.


Registered Member
I use a calender in my phone. It's a simple phone but I've grown very grateful for the calender feature. I keep in there my volunteer schedule, tennis schedule, kids' school day off schedule and special events, book club, hair appts, family gatherings, bunko, lunch dates, youth sports schedule, coffee dates, doctor appts, dentist appts. I am hugely dependent on things going into my calender. I cannot keep track of everything. This week I have book club and tennis on M,W, F, S and possible lunch date, possible coffee date, and volunteer schedule.


still nobody's bitch
I use my calendar in my phone as well. I probably should use a planner or something because I'm not the most organized person in the world, and it causes me anxiety sometimes. But for appointments and such, I use my BB calendar with reminders.


Sally Twit
I have a calendar at work. We're given them every year. It isn't anything special. I always put a circle around the date and it reminds me something is happening that day.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I'm good at remembering dates and events so I don't really need calendars. That said, I have two calendars; one of them is on my phone, and I have one at work. I rarely use the one on my phone, and the only things that pop up on there are Facebook events that I'm attending. My calendar at work is on my email program. I use it for meetings and so forth.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I use the calendar of my phone. I keep all appointments there and make notes for each. The reminders are pretty helpful as I can also adjust when I want to be reminded in advance of my activities. It is basically filled with routine stuff or school activity dates or reminders for myself to do - errands.


Registered Member
There's a calendar on the wall in the hall. My parents write things me and my brother should be doing or thinking about. It's got an optical art them and I cant even read the year "2011" lol! But I have calendars on my PC, phone, and other things. I mostly use the one on my PC cause I can write on it. I keep reminders about things I wanna do, parties, school stuff, and things like that.


Where is my Queen?
My calendar is in my brain, I just dislike having calendars and writing stuff in them. I used to do that but never referred back to the calendar.