Your best pet

Have you had one that stands out more than any other?

For me it's my german shepherd Niko. I always thought of myself as a cat person until he came along. I still love cats because they aren't needy creatures, but Niko feels like part of the family more than any animal I've ever had.


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I have always loved all of my pets for different reasons.

I only have 2 dogs right now, and they are both my babies. I love my border collie Storm because I went through great lengths to get her, and she had so many problems when I got her that I feel fortunate that she lived. Yet she is the most energetic, happy all of the time, loving lap dog.

I love my golden retriever Sasha, because she is very sweet, but a food hog which gets on my nerves. She is really lazy and has gotten quite moody since the border collie came to the house. She is obcessive compulsive though and seems very anxious lately.


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I'd have to say my favorite was my kitty Inky. Had her for 15 years. Then it would probably be Pepper only because we have been through so much with her and she is scheduled for another surgery next Friday for what I had initially thought was for 1 mass but they found 3 in 3 separate spots. I can't really remember Snowy from when I was a tot but I've seen pictures and I knew I loved him.


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The best pet I ever had was a dog. She was a pit bull/boxer. She would "talk" to you and was super friendly. Awesome with kids.


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My best pet would be our manx cat who had to be put down a couple of years ago. She managed to get to 17 which is impressive for a cat.

She was a big part of my childhood, I grew up with her. I saw a picture the other day of her in my cot with me as a baby and she was a kitten. Brought a tear to my eye.


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Golden retriever/lab: "Rocks"

A big goof of a dog, but incredibly loyal. It hurt a lot to have him pass (we found him near death on my bedroom floor from liver failure :( )


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Zaire. My dads african barkless dog. He was mean and always growled at me when I played with his ears or his curly tail... but a great guard dog.
Probably my cat that passed. The whole family liked him even though my parents weren't really cat people. He did this strange meow when he wanted food and was a good pet before he passed.


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Our yellow lab that we had to have put down about a year and a half ago. I still miss him.


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the first dog i ever had, jewell. she hav been alive for like 15 years now. we got her when she was a puppy, and we never trained her, but when yo call her she comes, tell her to stay she stays, and tell her to sit and she sits.