Your BCS Top 10


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If you had to pick the BCS Top 10 what would your order be right now?

I'll post mine in a few.
My top 10...refute if you want too....

(1) Texas Tech
(2) Alabama
(3) Texas
(4) Florida
(5) Oklahoma
(6) Utah
(7) USC
(8) Boise St
(9) Penn St
(10) Georgia
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Didn't see this thread until now.

If I'm doing a BCS top 10, then I'd have Texas Tech #1 and Alabama #2. They're the only undefeated teams from BCS conferences, so they would deserve to play for the championship if the season ended right now.

I'm going to rank them based on how good I think they are. And I think Florida will play Oklahoma in the championship game.

1. Florida, 9-1 - Ever since their loss to Ole Miss, they've won their last six games (including Georgia, LSU, and South Carolina) by an average score of 50-11. That's just sick.

2. Oklahoma, 9-1 - Yes, Texas beat them, but I think Oklahoma will beat Texas Tech, who beat Texas. Oklahoma is the best team of the 3, in my opinion. They're the only team in the country averaging over 50 points per game.

3. Texas Tech, 10-0 - Despite needing a last-second touchdown to beat Texas, they outplayed the Horns for most of the game. They destroyed a very good Oklahoma State team last week.

4. Texas, 10-1 - They just haven't been as impressive as OU and TT. It's a shame only two Big 12 teams can make BCS bowls.

5. USC, 9-1 - Best defense in the nation. Held Ohio State and Cal to 3 points each, and shut out Arizona State, Washington State, and Washington.

6. Alabama, 11-0 - Won by only 3 over Kentucky and 4 over Ole Miss. Needed overtime to beat LSU, who Florida beat by 30. I think Florida beats the Tide handily in the SEC championship game.

7. Boise State, 10-0 - They play in a weak conference, but they haven't won by less than 17 points since their win over Oregon early in the year.

8. Penn State, 10-1 - They haven't been the same team that they were the first 8 games. Needed some luck to beat Ohio State. Huge game against Michigan State tomorrow. A win puts them in the Rose Bowl.

9. Ohio State, 9-2 - Terrelle Pryor is getting better every game. Having him and Beanie Wells in the same backfield is just scary. They should get a BCS at-large bid if they beat Michigan tomorrow.

10. Utah, 11-0 - Wins over Pac-10 leader Oregon State and #16 TCU are impressive, but they've had a lot of close calls against some pretty weak teams.

Outside looking in: Georgia. They're just overrated. Period. Close games against South Carolina, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, and Auburn, all mediocre or bad teams. Blown out by Alabama (down 31-0 at half) and Florida. The Gators beat them 49-10. How come when Ohio State gets blown out it's because they suck and can't compete with the SEC, but when Georgia does it must mean Florida is awesome? Tell me when the last time Ohio State lost by 39 points or more. 1994?