Your Armory


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Unless you count my fists of steel, my armory is very limited :( lol

I've got some scissors, some random knives laying around friends rooms....


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Two S&W 500 revolvers, a Mini-14, Benelli 12 guage semi-auto, and a double headed battle axe my grandfather made.


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ok, lets see. I have two arabian daggers, one more bandit style (think short, notched cutlass) and one more ornate (the handle is shaped like a horse's head, its very pretty). I've also got two Japanese samurai swords, one a Katana and the other a shorter blade (forgot what its called). I have a replica lightsaber (one of those ones with the sounds and the lights that costs about $120) and...lets see. an assortment of capguns? I guess those are intimidating for the first 4 seconds or so, they make a bang at least...buncha screw knives...the complete works of William Shakespeare, leatherbound codex edition....

oh. and a piano. I could drop that shit on someone.