your antidrug or drug.


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whats your antidrug? if you do a drug what is it? and what led you to start (applies to both prior questions)


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the ony drugs i do is alchol and caffeine that other stuff is stupid
I don't do any Form of Drugs and hopefully Never will.

Caffine doesn't count.

The reason I'm Never going to is that My entire Dads Side Of the Family And Pathetic Alcoholics and Drug Addicts. And I never want to be like them

I think thats my Anidrug?
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oh yeah if you put in that yeah but zach said drugs in general so sry for the misunderstanding


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i drink and smoke cigs.
started drinking to ease depression and smoke because of a niccotine addiction developed when my moms smoking patches where confused for pain patches.


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Every persons view of a drug is different, to me a drug is something illegal and I don't do anything illegal. I also don't smoke but I do drink alcohol.
well, going by the pure definition of drugs, health and death are about the only anti drugs a person can really have.

Apathy is my anti-drug


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First of all, IF one were to 'do drugs' I think any discussion should only apply to persons of an adult age, when they are of sound mind to chose to do drugs. If you do drugs licit or illicit [legal or illeagal] before your brain has fully developed, then the chnaces are, you'll suffer some form of mental illness, especially after prolonged use.

All that being said, I am fine with cannabis [though I currently don't take any illicit drugs]. I also think in a controlled environment, Magic Mushrooms are good.
Their is a long list of 'drugs' that I think might be acceptable for occational use in a controlled environment. If their is a hint of dependancy, or abuse such as being under the influence in public, over use, mental illness etc, etc, then it's end-game.

Drugs like Cocain and Heroin are fine for medical use [actually, we need them], but for recreational use, they are evil killers.

I guess the hate of drugs is something that we've learned from other people. We don't actually know all that much to condemn or condone them, but we are getting there.