Your achievement awards %


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I thought I'd make this thread for fun. :p

And I'll update my percentage every week.

Post Award: 23%
Thread Award: 28%
Replied Award: 76%
Refferal Award: 15%
Spree Award: 53%


Living on the 0th floor
Post award: 7%
Thread Award: 28%
Replied Award: 50%
Referral Award: 0%
Poker Award: 0%
Spree Award:0%

Wow, I'm not doing to good right now lol.


Registered Member
Post award - 3%
Thread award - 48%
Replied - 61%
Referral - 0%
Poker - 0%
Spree - 4%

My spree was pretty good, but then I lost it because of this trip I'm on to California. I stayed at my Grandma's house for a couple days, and she doesn't have internets. Now that I'm staying with my aunt and uncle, I do.