Your 4th of July Plans? (Americans)


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For the Americans here, what are you4 4th of July plans?

I don't have any at the moment but I'll probably end up going to a park for some BBQ or something.

What about you guys?


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I'm going to Assateague Island in MD. :D

I love the beach there (no creepers crowding it and no litter or anything. It's so nice and clean).

We're camping there for the 2nd,3rd,4th, and then we're leaving on the 5th. I'm going with my boyfriend and his family.

Also, we're going to watch teh Ocean City fireworks. :D


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I know you said this was for Americans, but I'll let you know what I'm planning to do on Canada Day which is July 1st. Probably going to start pre-drinking around 11 am while playing some soccer baseball, probably going to play for around two hours or so, than I'm going either to a BBQ at a friends house to drink some more, or I might go party downtown. It's going to be a great day none the less.


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I dont know what I am going to do as of yet. I am on call that day at the hospital, so I have to stay in the area. I will probably see if any friends are going to have a cookout or anything. Id like to watch some fireworks this year but I highly doubt I will get to.
My plans include:
-wake up late
-watch Independence Day on whatever channel (because it usually is on that weekend)
-hold a cookout at my house
-eat myself silly
-prepare for my trip to New Orleans

Basically the same thing I do every year.


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Well fireworks generally suck anymore here in California. We have that whole "Safe & Sane" thing which basically makes all the fireworks that used to be kick ass no better than glorified sparklers.

That and it costs about 80 bucks just to get a box of the chicken shit fireworks anymore. So the best thing to do is just head to the local high school and watch their celebration. That is on the 3rd this year so chances are we'll probably end up going to my girlfriends brothers parents-inlaws house which sits right behind the towns highschool so we'll probably sit on their front lawn and watch the show from there.

Then on the 4th we'll probably be at my house, thinking about kicking back a few brews and definitely BBQ'ing some good ol' fashioned Central California style Tri-Tip. mmm mmm good!


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I'll be spending the day at a cousin's barbecue. I won't be going out to see fireworks because I'm flying out for a work trip the next day.
Going out to my friends place. Him and his wife are freaking hilarious drunks. Anyway, he's got a bunch of land and it's in Missouri so we get to blow up everything we want. Oh, and I forgot, half of his family owns/works at fire work places so it's going to be insane. We're going to get blitzed, and I think (not joking) we're blowing up some scrapped car. All I know is there will be lots of explosions and lots of alcohol, just the way I like it.