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Younger, older, your same age?

How do you prefer your partner?

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So, ppl, how do you prefer your partner: older than you (maybe more experienced), younger than you, same age as you or... maybe you dont really care about the age...!! Share your answer!!


I like him to be older. 3 up to 5-6 years older.
I wouldn't prefer someone my age or younger.

That's just me.

Just wanted to add that someone older doesn't necessarily mean they are more experienced. Just saying.


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Preferably around the same age as me, but age isn't that important to me and not a reason to not date someone unless the age difference is really extreme.


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Staff member
Based off my dating history I definitely prefer younger. I wouldn't really want to date someone older and same age is fine too.

But younger is the preference.


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I prefer older. I have dated 1 person the same age as myself and maybe it is just me, but I like someone more mature than guys my age.


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The same age or older. Going on the past, I like guys who are 7 or 8 years older than me. I don't think I could date someone younger than me at this stage in my life


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I always like the same age, but i would go a little younger. I know older men can provide more, be more mature, yadda yadda, but I still don't get why those 18 year old chicks date those 30 year old guys. Or a 30 year old woman dates a 50 year old man. I dunno, just me.


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I've been with young, really young, same age, old, really old. They're all the same. If it's bound to fail, it will fail (cynic much? haha). If it's bound to work, it will. It really depends on your dynamics with the person and the free spirit and maturity level of a person (the two I usually check) varies and not so much dependent on the bio number.


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Most of the gents I have dated or been in relationships with (since my divorce) have been younger. I prefer them younger for some reason. But a couple of times I dated someone who was a few years older than myself, but mostly I like'm younger, I have dated some gents who are 10 years younger than me.


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I picked age doesn't matter but it still does to me. I don't care if they are younger or older but would prefer between 21-35.