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TV Young Justice Anyone?


Registered Member
I dont know if anyone else here likes this series but I LOVE IT. and am currently having withdrawal since they haven't aired any new episodes! ;A; it makes me sad! But I will wait because it is such a good show!

I just wish they would air some more episodes SOON!

anyone else?


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Y'know, even though I'm 28 I still usually don't mind the occasional cartoon about super heroes (I'm a sucker for comic books). I'll often find short movie versions on Netflix. I've heard of Young Justice (especially from Conan O'Brien and "The Flaming C," for those who might know what that is!), but haven't had a chance to watch it yet.

Thanks for reminding me to keep an eye out for it, though.

What kind of characters do they have on the team? I know Superboy was in there...


Registered Member
Yup Super Boy!

as well as Kid Flash - LOVE HIM!

Robin, Miss Martian, and Artemis (the archer)

Red Arrow/Speedy/ Roy Harper is a reoccurring character who turned down a position on the team and is TOTALLY HOT! <3

The justice league plays a large role in the show too! :3

It's just plain awesome! :D

I guess I should warn you, Miss Martians catch phrase annoys some people XD

I'm immune to most annoying things lol (I listen to little kid music after all >.> No not dora the explorer I'm not that bad)

XD but yes definitely check it out its awesome! :D