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You Tube videos in your auction


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all.

I was looking around eBay today and I noticed a new trend poping up in auctions.

The "You Tube Video"
Why some of you might ask?

Well to showcase your Auction/Auctions or to even Showcase the merchandise in your eBay store.
From what I have seen it's a great way to answer all those questions that the buyer might have all at once.
Such as how the product works, Looks, and other features and information.

Make a 60 second video featuring your product and all it's info.

Then send it to You Tube,copy the embed code and paste it in your auction description and submit. It's just that easy. And with all the new tech out there making a video is so easy. :nod:

eBay: 3 ch Micro RC Helicopter Mini dragonfly flying mosquito (item 300122929281 end time Jun-24-07 15:52:06 PDT)

So do you think you will give this a try? I know I will. :nod: :D

And yes I bought 3 :D
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New Member
I tried adding my own camtasia created video recently. I built the auction and submitted it. It played once and looked beautiful. But the next time i looked at the auction the video didnt play.

I looked through the ebay help files and discovered that you can only embed videos hosted on sites that ebay approves. Big bummer as the video I put in was just the flash file that's no different from any other flash animation that people put on their auctions.

I agree that video can become a huge boost to sales and customer service.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hey 7dollarblog you might want to use photobucket. They now have a video hosting spot and eBay approves the site.

I would also change your flv to a WMV and you will have better luck with your video running and not glitching.

Check out photobucket and Youtube for your video hosting needs . Both are ebay approved.

Hope that helped


New Member
For some reason, Camtasia videos look horrible when rendered in WMV format...and displayed in something other than the Windows Media Player...but I'm still working on it.