You thought life as you know it would end in 1 hour no matter what...


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...but it turns out nothing happens.

What would you do then? Keep in mind you did stuff thinking you were going to die and then you didn't.

I'd be like "...OH SHIT" and i'd kill myself to make sure life ended; an appropriate ending seeing as how I'd already done all the stuff i wanted to in that one hour before.
I'll be disappointed in all the people that caused havoc, rioted and did anything crazy during these times. 'Cuz you know there will be riots. Y'know, it'll be one of the saddest days on Earth if something like this ever happened. People actually doing horrible things during a horrible time.

As for myself, as I said in the other thread: I would just chill out with family and watch the news. Possibly saying a prayer or two. Regrets? None. ;)
Depends on the circumstances, but most likely I'd be relieved, and very, very confused. I definately wouldn't kill myself cos I wouldn't have done anything particularly crazy in that one hour I thought I had left to live.


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um, well i would be pretty thankful that i didnt die, and i actually got a good experience of a horrible experience if you know what i mean, i had the horrible feeling that i was gonna die in an hour, but i had done everything i ever wanted in that hour. any life after that would be a bonus, you can do even more stuff that u wanted to do, but you didnt have it on your "10 things to so when you die" list, if ya get me?


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Well first I'd be wanting to get home to my animals. Then I'd be wondering how I'd be going out because I'd prefer it if I went in my sleep with my animals sleeping next to me.

Then after all was said and done I'd be wondering who the asswipe was that started all of it and when they were going to prosecute the SOB.


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I would probably be glad I still had more time. I wouldn't do anything super crazy, just have Knyte come home and spend the time with the kids playing at a park or something, so I wouldn't have any regrets over things I did in that hour.


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Well, "life as you know it would end in 1 hour" doesn't have to mean you die? Just that a big change occurs.

So I'd be disappointed that nothing happened, and would be really curious as to what could have happened.


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I imagine that I'd experience a very intense flood of various emotions. I think the greatest would be an almost overwhelming relief, and I'd also be kicking myself for actually believing this horrific event would occur. Depending on what I thought was going to happen, I might also almost feel just a bit disappointed. If I spent that last hour making my peace with what was going to happen and doing those last things I wanted to do...I'd probably be ready for this thing to happen, and when it didn't...I don't know, could be a let down in a weird way.

I'd hope that I would use this opportunity as a chance for a fresh start at life...and hopefully I wouldn't do anything too crazy during that last hour that I'd have to pay for afterwards....


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I would have spent the last hour of my life with my family. And when it was over, I think we all would have had a good experience, and be much more thankful for eachother. I wouldnt regret anything.