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Amusing You know you speak English as a foreign language when...


Registered Member
...You find yourself weighing the pros and cons of a posh British accent vs. an American one.

...You're explaining how you got into a fight with the words "...and then he beat me off".

...You think a "streetwalker" is a homeless person.

These are from personal experience. Feel free to add your own ;)


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... when my head's full of Vietnamese and my tongue spits out English sounds.
... when I hear people asking me "Excuse me! What did you say?" and don't know whether my last words are correct or not.
... when I see teacher's comments on my essays "You need some helps, see me!"
... when I see a pretty girl and fuck myself because don't know which words should I use.
... when I'm learning English as my secondary language.


Embrace the Suck
English is my main language of course, being in America, but Spanish was actually my first language. There are certain words that I rarely ever say in English however, and say them in Spanish. For example, there is a place here that sells really good Mexican fast food, a local place. Kinda like Taco Bell but it's authentic Mexican food. When I buy tacos from there, I like my tortillas a little toasted but I never use the word toasted, I always ask for them to be "un poquito tostada". I just never use the word toasted. I never say there is a hole in the ground, I call it a poso. It's just certain words I just never say in English and always use the Spanish word for them.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
....When you say things that make perfect sense to other English speakers except the native ones. :lol: