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Those Brinks commercials. I'm not bashing home security as I think they are useful in conjunction with other forms of home defense i.e. large dogs, guns etc... but they are so unrealistic it's not even funny. Some person sitting around at home absent minded when they see someone trying to break in. The burglar smashes the door and/or glass then takes off like a track star.

The person inside stands there and runs to the phone when it rings like everything will be ok then. I laugh each time I hear the Brinks operator ask, "Are you OK? I'm sending help right now." They might as well call Domino's, too! Then they can have pizza as the cops arrive.

Why not show what would most likely happen? Burglar breaks in, alarm goes off. Burglar quickly runs in, sucker punches the person who is standing there. The burglar grabs everything in sight and then takes off.

I like this home security commercial better :)

YouTube - Home Intruder
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I've seen those commercials and think they give people a false sense of security. Pro is right about what they will do or even worse they hold a gun to a family members head and make you give the all clear code and tie you all up and rob you blind.

Just because you have an alarm only stops the armature buglers the pros will come right on in and do their thing. The average police response time is 2 to 4 min after the alarm has gone off.

It is better to take a few precautions your self to keep form becoming a victim. I just recently installed a 3M film on my windows and glass storm doors (both sides)that make your windows shatter proof and takes alot to break through. I lock my storm doors as well as the house doors even when home as well as arming the alarm when home. If those should fail my dogs are trained to attack on command.

It is up to you to protect your home and loved ones.

BTW my gun is the last resort...
I think I know why you like this commercial;)

And holy shit, that guy got fucking owned at the end. Too bad now she has to pay for window repairs.


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You know what bugs me - all crappy commercials, especially on cable channels. WTF?! Stupid greedy corporates.


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i was just watching a recorded vhs tape that was from the early 90's.. i love all those commercials! so many jingles and they were just so nice! i think that tv should bring back the old commercials.