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You know it's bad when...


Registered Member
You know it's bad when.... you kids tells you the cat has coughed up a hair ball and you yell WAIT What does it look like!! And the responce is ummm Mom it kinda looks like spungbob I guess

Let's here yours...


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You know it's bad when your son tells his friends about all the crazy food auction on Ebay and you go down in the kitchen to find the two of them with the cinniman toast crunch cereal all over the table, while they are trying to poke faces into it with a nail. LOL


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all . M cats really don't cough up hair balls. But my dogs on the other hand my dogs do. And I'm just like you "what does it look like and can I sell it??" :lol: hummm. :hmph:
But no elvis, abe or anything cool. Just blobs. Well mabey Grimmace from McDonalds. HaHaHaHa :lollollol:
Catch ya in the funnypapers.............................


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... you pack up all of your great finds when you go on VACATION! so you can still list things. (I made dad make room for my brass ROFL)