You know are addicted to FC when...


No Custom Title Exists
27) When you remember members old usernames (like NA used to be AliBaba)

28) When you remember members post counts before we got hacked


For a Free Scotland
32) You are the richest user on F-C by far.

33) You changed your primary email address to match your F-C name.

34) You subconciously wear black whenever the F-C server is down.

35) F-C has given you ennui.

36) You feel it's the only thing keeping you from blowing your time (and money) on WoW.

37) You printed and pasted Fusion-Central flyers onto all of your school binders.

38) You brag about your forum to friends randomly.

39) You've alientated a close friend when you made some private remarks, then realized that the IM you messaged wasn't Himeko's...

40) It keeps you from getting fucked up on Fridays