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You&I - Gaga's new single.


You can watch it on here and tell me what do you think.

New GaGa! Watch You & I Video HERE!!!! | PerezHilton.com

I like the song very much. She's able to reveal her real talent. I really like her voice.
The video is still weird, but that's how she is. I guess she's better when she appears more normal..(something she's never done before).


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Is it just me or this seems a bit country? If I heard this song on the radio and didn't know who was singing I'd think it's a country singer. It's much different then we're used to hearing from her.

I don't mind the song, definitely not her best, but it's definitely not the worst either.

I think that it's a smart markerting move on our part to have these type of video's, and same thing when it comes to what she wears in public.


Yes, this is a country song. I definitely like her voice in this one.


The marketing behind Lady GaGa is pretty clever.

It's annoying as fuck and I honestly don't think her talent will every match her hype but I don't discourage people from listening to her music.

This song blends in with all her other work and the lyrics will probably be facebook statuses for at least a month before everyone forgets about it.


Registered Member
I love Lady Gaga, but she seems to be becoming insanely skinny. When she first started she was thicker. Now she looks like she never eats. I like how she tackles all types of music styles and dance. She is a very fascinating artist to say the least.
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