You have to see this

There which one looks the best?

Version 1 (Fastest)

Version 2 (middle)

Version 3 (Slowest)


all together like that really hurts my eyes >_<

middle looks good, I dont know if its a difference but ill go with the middle one..
I am thinking maybe I need more frames to make it run smooth like your old Alba one. By the way this was a test, if anyone wants any of these take um.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
0_0;;*closes eyes and slaps a sticker of "Nice userbar" on the bar* and I shall be leaving now >>; It's pretty good Omega I say. How do u do those anyway?


great man! i will use it soon...but not at the moment...looks good..i like the middle ne best tho! karma givn