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You Have to Respect Stephen Hawking


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I realize this isn't news, or new for that matter, but for those who don't pay attention to the guy, he suffers from a rare and advanced form of Lou Gehrig's disease that has all but 100% paralyzed him. He used to be able to walk and everything, but eventually he was confined to a wheel chair and could only mumble. Now he can't talk at all anymore without going through a computer.

I was curious how his computer works so I looked it up just now. He's considered one of the smartest men alive, and yet it would have taken him close to 30 minutes to write this post based on my understanding of how he uses a custom computer system to communicate, as seen in the video below.

How Stephen Hawking communicates? - YouTube
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Yeah he is able to use one muscle in his cheek I believe, his hand doesn't work anymore I don't think, the rest of the muscles simply don't work either. That's a huge bummer.

He types 2 wpm which doesn't seem like a lot but that's a ton considering the method he must use.

This one is much more recent. Stephen Hawking: Asking big questions about the universe - YouTube

He's a very respectable person considering all that he has to deal with but I disagree with him on just about everything possible. He's an intellectual no doubt, unfortunately he cannot use his body to communicate efficiently with us.


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It's a supremely cruel irony that one of the greatest thinkers ever born is forced to communicate so slowly. I'm reminded of the Galileo spacecraft debacle, where a high bandwidth antenna failed to employ, rendering it useless and forcing NASA to funnel photograph data back to Earth using a much smaller antenna.

To be sure, we were robbed in that escapade of some singular galactic scenes, but we still got enough to make it notable and worthwhile. Similarly, you can be sure that Prof. Hawking isn't going to waste his precious time in idle chatter. That's why it strikes me as odd that the most recent thing I heard from him was a warning that we should avoid space aliens.

"We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn't want to meet," Hawking said.
Stephen Hawking: alien life is out there, scientist warns - Telegraph

And come to think of it, that's a pretty good point.
I disagree with him on just about everything possible.
I'm going to go out on a limb here, then, and say that you're probably wrong.
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I'm going to go out on a limb here, then, and say that you're probably wrong.
:lol: I guess that was not the best way to say that.

I was saying that in reference to his views on the origins of the universe and life. I'm sure that there are many things with which the two of us could agree.


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I think the most amazing thing he's done is being able to live with that disease and sacrifice his time to learn and teach. If I was in that condition, I'd prolly be totally insane just trying to deal with it.

And I agree with what he said about aliens. We are like a model of what happens when life becomes really intelligent. And to travel that far through space, they would def be more intelligent than us. They might even call us barbaric.


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I respect the work that Stephen Hawking has done for it is quite impressive. Although now he is beginning to disappoint because as he is ageing he is becoming more desperate to factually disprove the existence of god and now, in my opinion, he is simply saying:

'xyz, therefore god does not exist'

-er.. no.

(whenever I say xyz I mean that I am not using any specific example eg.: I bought xyz and then I went to bed.)
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