You Had To Be There

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    Post random , funny stories about sometime in your life.

    One time I was in basketball practice and we were doing a layup drill. I suck at left handed layups so when my coach was not looking I would go in and do the left sided layups with the right hand. Then somebody on the team told on me so I flicked the ball at the wall and when I turned around to walk back in the line the ball came back and smoked me in the back of the head and then went in the net. Ah good times.

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    You had to be there

    When Andrew_Bishop created this 'ridicilous' thread
  3. There was the football captain and the head cheerleader... there were these big strang birds sighted in the local... Friday night the football captain asked me for my key to the WWII ammo dump parking area... my friends and I used a hydraluic jack to lift his rear tires off the pavement as he was hitting home plate ... paradice by the dashboard lights... then from the brush beside the car we used a couple ford tailights, a battery and a sheet thrown over a branch to create The Mothman Prophency. They built a statue and made a movie... You had to be there. You should have seen the flurry of checking the tires that were almost touching the road and roaring v-8 with the Mothman screaming in tune with the cheerleader... You had to be there.
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    I was:D

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