You ever think people dont like you?


Eh ever feel like most people don't like how you are for no reason? Even if you act nice and be friendly they wouldn't associate with you but they would with everyone else. I know I shouldn't care what other people think of me but its sort of confusing how the people you really want to like you just don't even acknowledge you. And yes I know you cant be liked by everyone, but being liked by the people you want to be the most just doesn't happen for me.
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Yeah, I'm paranoid of everyone not liking me. Hell, I even think at times Jeanie doesn't like me, and we are pretty close. lol It's not anything the person says, but more me just being... self conscious. I try to ignore it and it usually goes away.
It's more likely for the reverse to be true in my case.

Usually either I think someone still likes me when they don't, or Somebody thinks I don't like them even if I do.

I've had people not like me and I knew it though. |:
i know where your at dude. so many people hate me for no reason, people i have known for 5 years start to find me annoying when i'm just being myself. and no matter what they wont like me so whatever. i've gotten to the realization that even if no one likes you, as long as you like yourself it doesn't even matter. i know that sounds like totally corny but its true.


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It happens. I know it's impossible for someone to be liked by EVERYONE. However, there's a difference between disliking someone or just being indifferent. For example, I don't really know much about XYZ. I cannot say I like XYZ, but I won't say I hate it. I'm just indifferent. Some people take it as disliking even if it's not how I feel.

Other times I just assume most people don't like me. That way, it makes me feel surprisingly good when someone says they do. :lol:


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Most of the time, I don't really care if people like me, but since I am very outgoing and open, and easily approach people to have a chat with them, I often get the impression they like me.

But then, I sometimes get paranoid and have the impression everybody dislikes me. Most of the times it helps to take one of my pills and this paranoia vanishes again.


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I get that feeling sometimes, but only because I've been in situations where people have pretended to like me and then stab me in the back/bitch about me behind my back. You'll get that in most places though - more often with females.


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Yep, i'm just paranoid like that; i suppose it comes down to the fact that people hated me in high school and i still don't know why.


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I know for a fact there are people out there that don't like me and I really don't give a rats a** because I'm not here to please other people. Heck, I could go down the list just here at work.