You ever feel...


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...that there's really no point to life? None whatsoever?

What do you do with that? What can you do? :(

This is really a non-specific thread, aimed at nothing and no-one in particular.

I just feel like my life is going nowhere. I (of all people) know exactly how worthless life really is, how insignificant we all are. Nothing ever goes right. When you find something worth keeping, it's taken away from you.

I just don't know what to do with that anymore. I don't know how to stop thinking about that. My mind is fixated on what I want, and I know that there's an extremely high chance (almost a certainty) that I will never, ever get it. There's plenty wrong with my life, and some of you know about some of it. But lately I just don't know what to do. I already have enough worries in my life, but I've been ground down and hated and every attempt I make to try and stop it, every time I try to show people what's happening, I get the blame, and I get hated on even more.

Is it really such a hard thing to ask someone to see what they're doing?

I'm not really sure that there's any advice anyone can give. I just don't know how to deal with this shit anymore and quite frankly? I've just about given up. On everything. I'll be the first to admit that I'm someone who bottles these things up, and I know that that's not healthy. I'm someone who has to try and work things out on my own. All my life I saw my emotions as a weakness, and all my life I dealt with that on my own because that was all I could do. I don't have any real friends other than you guys. I don't have any real family. I don't have any way to work out the stress, I don't have anyone to talk to.

I'm going through some hard times right now. I think I just need some support. I guess this is just me asking for help, because I think I need it now.


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Define good.

Does it even have a purpose in this world? Is there really any point to it? What good does it do me anymore? I mean, what good does it really do anyone? I'm cursed with a conscience. That's all. And it really is a burden for me.


It's not me, it's you.
Well, it's all about choices. I know that in the big scheme of things, it's pretty pointless. However, you can either choose to live in despair of it, or you can choose to not let it beat you down.

The sole purpose of my life, in particular, is to be happy. If I want something...if I have the means to do so, then I get it. If I don't like something happening, then I do my best to change it. If I can't, then I just deal with it and move on. Shit happens. Terrible shit happens all the time. But you can't change what happens around you, you can only change yourself and your actions.

And you know you can talk to me anytime. :)


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It sound stupid, but stop thinking.

Seriously, just stop it.

I overthink a lot and it just leads to headaches, depressed mood swings, laziness, and overall unhappiness. Just enjoy the world. Go out and have fun, enjoy even silly little things. Hell, I had the biggest urge to dig through the attic for my Legos yesterday. Fuck what other people will say or think because they'll be wrong. Have fun because you're right, this life may be the last one.

That alone should be motivation to have some serious fun right now, right here.


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Not really. I don't really have the capability to do anything fun at this point.

As for the thinking thing...I did that my whole life. I can fade it out and go numb...but I don't WANT to do that anymore. I can't switch off my thoughts. I have to switch off my feelings too. That's all I know how to do. And I don't want to go back to that again. I don't want to be the same unfeeling, numb monster that I was. I absolutely do not.

But that doesn't mean it's worth this kind of crap.


i've suffered this for 8 months because for many moments i thought life was worthless and seemed like i had no aim and goal. seemed like being good and doing good things served for nothing. i didn't know where i wanted to go and what i wanted to do ...
i would stay laid all day..thinking about how worthless life is...and what do i need it for.
i was depressed for no reason.

it was a big suffer for me so i advice you to go out and meet new people..
i mean ... you have any hobbie? go for it.
you think you don't have friends? go and find some.
staying all day in front of the computer is nothing.
you can't solve your problems through the internet.

if you tell yourself the same lie everyday, you'll have to think it's true.
believe me, it's all psychological. it's what you make yourself believe.
To be honest, you sound just like I have lately. You sit there and wonder why you try so hard to strive for a happiness that seems totally unattainable. I mean, what's the point right? The minute your happiness is within your grasp, it's snatched away. Honestly Chaos, this is something that will always be there, the wondering. It never goes away, and for me, doesn't seem to get easier. You just learn to live with it I guess.
What's the alternative? Giving up?