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You don't need to be an inventor


Registered Member
Hey I was thinking of a good question everyone can take a try at this.. You don't need lab bottles, rulers or calculators to answer this question. It's rather a fun topic. It's non controversial. . The question is this. Just think for a few minutes and you should have your answer or more than one.

What is your favorite invention?. .If you have more than one answer not a problem at all. If you have more than one favorite include your best top inventions. But try to think of at least one invention.

Here are a number of examples. . .1. TV set. 2 Automobile 3 Airplane 4 Vacuum cleaner. . I'm not asking to choose from these. I'm rather giving you four examples what I mean by inventions. .

So what I'm really asking is choose any invention in history even anything recently invented. . Doesn't matter when it was invented. Give your answer or answers. . Try to give your reason why you chose this answer. A reason doesn't have to be long. . Just enough to help the rest of us to understand why you chose your invention or inventions. That's how easy this post is. I'm sure there's some inventions you like. I'll start with my answers.

  1. My answers there's more then one. 1. The microwave. It's so convenient and it's faster to cook. Cooking on the stove is much better quality. But on days you or spouse don't want to cook then you can't live without the microwave.
  2. The telephone. It takes longer to walk to everyone's house. The telephone sure saves time. Some phones even allows one to talk to more then one person at a time.
3. The light bulb. Places would be too dark without light bulbs. Those old ancient lamps I suppose was harder to see in a room. You had to get close to one of these to read a book. With light bulbs we can read anywhere in the room.

These are my answers as I don't to steal anyone's idea. So choose your inventions or inventions and a simple reason why you like this invention.


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This isn't a hard post at all. You don't really need to know much science to answer this one. We're just naming inventions of any kind you like for any reason whatsoever. .No need to know math formulas or anything like that. One person can say I like the phone because I can talk to all my friends and family. Without the phone I would've to send those letters. .

See that's how simple this post is. You can say I like the pencil cause I always make mistakes when I write. That with a pencil I can erase my mistakes. See every single thing that did not grow and was made is called an invention. Your pants, shirt, watch, door, clock, and your dishes. See how simple this post is. So tell others which ones do you like? You can name one or more. It's up to you for this is a fun flexible post .


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My favorite inventions are as follows..
1 washer/dryer..because they used to use washboards to clean clothes..
2 TV just something that can help you to relax without worries
3 computer..you can do so many things with this one invention that it saves time
4 cell phone ..because if you happen to have an emergency while you may be out it's the fastest way now to get it
5 landline phone because you can call family that live far away.

That's all I will post in hopes that it helps others to post answers.