You don't know what you're really missing when you never had it.


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We say it's better to have experienced things. Or example, "it's better to have loved than lost than never to have loved at all". But usually it's said AFTER we've already experienced/had (and sometimes after we've already lost). So naturally, once you experience it, you know how it is and what it does to you and what you could be having now if you haven't lost it.

But people who NEVER have had/experienced it doesn't feel your same longing, same feeling of "loss", nor desire. For all we know, they're content. Is their contentment fake just because they haven't experienced otherwise? I don't think so. It's real to them. I think these people are even in a good place (and in some cases, probably even in a better place because they don't feel the need to ask for anything else - they already have all they want).

So do would you rather be in a good place and feel you have everything (even if some claim you're missing out on things), OR in a place where you know better and that you know you could have more (except you don't have it).
I would definitely choose to live in a place where you know better and could have more. There is nothing to say that that can't also be a good place.

I like that quote you made about the two people who have never travelled. And at the end of it, I still stick to my decision. The person need not be depressed because life is all about experiences in my oppinion, and he would have had an amazing journey. Life is about living it to the fullest. To be blatantly honest, you die in the end anyway. It isn't about the outcome, rather the journey you took the get there.
I would rather be open and aware of all that is out there, rather than live a sheltered life, because nothing is out of reach. I think you can lead a fabulous life when you know of all the good opportunities and possibilities this world has to offer. It just depends on your outlook on life.