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OK guys, this last 2 weeks have been really stressin me out, and let me tell you why!!!!

I own a black 1993 honda civc 2door coupe, its hella sick. Infiniti speakers, 2 10s in the back, all new black interior, lambo doors, sick sony deck, black 17' rims. And i have practily installed everything by myself by the way..Its my hobby, its what i like to spend my money on, and it gets me outa trouble honestly. I love cars! lol Well all my feelings about my car allllll changed two weeks ago.

..My fiance and i were watching tv until we herd a loud BANG out side. Well on top of that, i herd my car alarm go off outside as well.. i looked at felicia (my finance).. this does not sound good...

I ran outside as fast as i could, and saw what i was expecting.. A H2 Hummer backed into my car, shattered my back glass, and my trunk folded up into a shape i have never seen before haha. Seriously, my (what was a trunk) was through my back window. The guy who hit my car was already standing by my car...Once i got to my car and stared at hit for a good minute, the first thing that came outta my mouth was......f***. Thats the first thing i said! Cuz honestly, my car was parked, the guy was backing out, who hits a parked car??? a F****** idiot.

Luckly, the guy had great auto insurance, and the guy was really cool about everything, (besides him being a F****** idiot, it was ganna get takin care of.

I didnt know if i was aloud to or not, but i have some pictures of the damage of my car, and id post them, but i didnt know if im aloud too, so if i get the permission, ill post them!!!!!

I took it to the shop, got a high estimate..Luckly, there was no body frame damage. It was just the trunk, the hinges to the trunk, and the back window. I knew i could fix this myself!!! To all the people from General Forums that dont understand the downfall of already having a reconstructed title . ill explain to you.. Your car is only worth so much if ur car is either totaled, or reconstructed totaled. Dosent matter how much you think ur car is worth, it what its worth in the Kelly blue book! And if you have extream damage thats worth more than your car itself, unfortionatly, ur only ganna get a check from the insurance company of how much ur car is worth......

back to the car......I found a used, but great condition, black Trunk lid with hinges for $200, and a new back window, installed $250....

My luck turns around! The estimate for the damage on my car turned out to be $1,650....I said nice to the insurance company! I said can i just cash out? and u write me a check? They said yes, but it can only be for $1,553 cuz thats how much ur car is worth. And i said ok with a big smile, and told the shop no, dont fix it, ill fix it myslef..

I bought the used trunk lid, and had a window replaced last friday! and it looks great! I got really lucky in this situation, and it doesnt happen like that all the time..I spent $450 out of my pocket, and im expecting a check for $1,553 in the mail......YOU DO THE MATH !!


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Dude, you made out awesome on that wreck. It sucks that it happened, but you get just over a grand for basically free.


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I love when that happens. You gotta love insurance. I know a ton of people who ended up in similar situations. One guy I know bought his car back from his insurance company (after they filed it as totaled) and fixed it up. He paid around $700 to get it back and it was worth around $5,000 before. He fixed it up and it still looks pretty questionable but he got a nice check for the difference. :)


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Cuz honestly, my car was parked, the guy was backing out, who hits a parked car??? a F****** idiot.
Haven't you learned not to park across from somebody's driveway? I know a few people that have had their cars backed into, or backed into someone else's car. Anyway, nice to hear that it worked in your favor.


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At first you were probably extremely angry, I kind of assumed that from your post.

I'd be pretty happy, making $1000 off of somebody else crashing into my car that was parked since obviously you aren't the idiot driver and you get a pretty good amount of money for doing nothing. Man you're so lucky, I never thought I would be saying that about someone whose car got crashed into.

Your speaker system wasn't damaged was it?


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i live in a appartment, its where we live right now. its not why i was parking by someones drivway...its where im suppose to park! and they are directly across from eachother. no thank god my speakers wernt ruined lol. but im very happy the way it turned out. im not guilty at all because what i got in return.. the guy in the hummer needs to learn how to drive. i could of been a little kid on a bike... know what im sayin
People choosing to cash out rather than have the vehicle fixed is pretty common.
Unlike you, most aren't smart enough to actually fix the car, which means if more damage is done to the vehicle, it may not be paid out because of the pre-existing damage.