You Did What?


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Now, I like to think I am a sane sort of guy but I have a confession. I was a truck driver many moons ago. I backed my trailer onto a loading bay and disconnected my truck and pulled away. It was at this point I remembered that I had left my licence plate on the back of the trailer.

Now rather than leaving it, I decided to crawl under the trailer to retrieve it. As I lay there on my back a fork truck drove into the back, forcing the rear of the trailer onto my chest. A couple of ribs popped. I was lucky not to have been killed.

Have you done something that should have resulted in a call from your maker? It's time to fess up!:shocked:


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Can't say that I have, but wow that was a close call. I bet you always made sure to connect the trailer in the future. Luckily the fork lift was in just the right spot, and luckily you weren't further back towards the tailgate.


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when i was in high school what was supposed to be parking for teachers and students was called the courtyard. we'd hang out there to get some air, smoke if you did, and keep from being seen if we cut.

there were these dumpsters that i'd ocassionally slip between to get to the ramp to the door quicker. one weekend, unknown to anyone, a construction used those dumpsters telling no one. i went to slip between and rolled head first into a 2x4. i thought i got beaned by a handball till a friend pointed out the 2x4.

after i was done getting looked at by the nurse a friend told me that they were looking at the 2x4 and told me i missed a nail in the skull by a few inches.

thats luck my friends.


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This is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

When I was in my early 20s these guys were going to teach me how to watar ski. My boyfriend at the time had a bass boat with a huge motor on the back.

Dont' ask me why, but when I fell off the skis, I started going toward the boat. I couldn't hear what they were yelling at me and didn't realize what it was until I felt the propeller swirl near my legs. My bf killed the motor just in time or I would have drifted right in to the propeller, which would have mutilated me I'm sure.

I'll never forget that moment when I realized what could have happened.
The closest for me was a story that I have told on here before.

My mom and dad were having a garage sale, and my grandparents gave us an old treadmill to sell in it. For whatever reason I was fascinated by the thing and just kept hopping on it and walking on it. My mom kept telling me to stop, and eventually she put an old rototiller in front of it to try and deter me from doing it again. The rototiller was a really old design that used to big drills to mix up the soil, and my mom set it up so that the drills were pointed at the treadmill. Well, that didn't deter me and I hopped on it again and started walking. Then I fell...face first onto the drill. One of the bits hit me up in my hairline, and the other one hit me right above my left eye. If I would have been an inch taller, or fallen forward a bit more, the drill bit would have plunged straight into my eye.

Thats probably the closest I have ever gotten to dying.


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One night, I rode my bike to the bar. Which is fine, but the stupid part was when I went to ride home later that night. I made it almost all the way home, but then I remember waking up as they loaded me into the ambulance. And then I remember waking up the next morning in the hospital. Stupid stupid move on my part. My pedal had plunged into my calf muscle, leaving a really nasty scar, and I'd smoked my head on something, and had a severe concussion. Not to mention, I was also drunk. Drunk and concussions don't mix well. If I had just been left lying on the street for any longer, I probably wouldn't have woken up. Last time I do that.


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When I was really young, maybe 5, possibly younger, I went with my friend and her family to go catch some crabs. Well, we were having fun and everything. Basically the adults were catching the crabs and my friend and I were just playing around on the ground. Her older sister, probably 15, went on the other side of the bridge and began to swim in the river. There were a bunch of high school kids jumping off of the bridge and into the water (the bridge was only a few feet above the river).

The older sister coerced me to swim with her and eventually I did, and she pulled me really far out so I couldn't touch the river bed, I panicked and we both started to drown. I remember going in and out of the water, trying to fight for air, the older sister pushed me under and I really don't remember much after that.

All I know is that some high school kid pulled me out, and a girl who I didn't know pulled me into her lap as I sobbed about losing one of my shoes lol


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Did isn't a death experience, but it's something that I did that was extremely stupid.

When I was younger I went to a car show, I was really bored so I picker up a piece of metal from the ground, I started to scratch cars. I scratched this one car and got caught, the car was worth 80,000$ the guy was furious about it. But luckily I didn't have to pay for any damages. I did some stupid things in my life, but that was the dumbest.


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i don't think if this counts, but here's my input.

When I was maybe 14, my youngest cousin (at the time, before my real youngest was born) was swimming in my pool with me. He was 2, but pretty big for his age. I was 14 and felt like an adult being the oldest child in the family, so i usually mimicked what the adults did. I had seen my grandpa giving rides to my cousin on his back and swimming around in the water. So of course, I called over my cousin and put him on my back. He pulled my hair a little, but I dealt with it. In my pool, there is a slope that goes down to the deep end. I wasn't thinking and went near that slope and slipped with him still on my back. He started pushing me down trying to get on my shoulders. I could feel the water entering my lungs, and couldn't breathe. Like I mentioned this kid was big and i was weak. I couldn't stand up. Eventually after what seemed like forever an adult saw what was happened and pulled him out of the water. I had passed out. I woke up with my father holding me and I was bawling my eyes out of fear. I was just so scared. I was a shaking wreck for the rest of the day.

The worst part is the little brat only had to sit out of the pool for like five minutes because of what happened.


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I steal a lot. I'm quite good at it, unfortunately. I used to be worse, if I saw something I wanted, I'd swipe it without a second thought. Now, at least, I practice discretion on who I steal from. I kinda need to stop, though, its gonna bite me in the ass someday, I know it.