You damn Americans...


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You get the Wii in November, yet we Europeans have to wait until the 8th of December. I WANT IT NOW! least this wait means I have enough money to afford it and at least one more game...problem is I'm stuck between Red Steel and LoZ...
wii? I live in LA yet never heard of it. i guess i take things for granted sometimes..
Have you also never heard of the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3? Those, along with the Nintendo Wii, are the new gaming consoles that have just come out/are being released soon.


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My best buy has campers out there at their front door for friday for the PS3 and their only giving out 28 which have already been bought. That darn system cost too much and I want one so Bbbbaadddd T_T


oh they have a new nintendo console... last nintendo I owned was a super nintendo..... sigh* good times from donkey kong...


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
That I don't mind, as I don't have a 360, and can't AFFORD a 360
I hate it when these things happen...u have to wait months or maybe a year until it gets down to an affordable price ><; The PS3 is like 2 car payments or it's like one month of rent to some ppl wasted on something that is bound to have it's price go down T_T