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You Bucket List


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So I was pondering a lot the past couple of weeks of things I would like to do in my lifetime before I pass away. So I thought to make a bucket list as I thought more and more about it, I'm sure everyone has something or some place they would like to do/go in their lifetime. It's exciting to make the list in my opinion because it can be like a life set goal while you're growing and living life. I can only think of a couple myself, but I'd like to know what everyone has on their list, or you can make one, to share you goals to do in life before you kick the bucket. Here's some things on my list so far from what I've been pondering:

  • Get my "Graduado"(Graduate) cord in Capoeira and open up a school in Fort Worth.
  • Graduate College
  • Become an E.R Nurse
  • Go to Japan, Russia, London and Greece.
  • Go visit my birthplace in Germany.
  • Own a motorcycle
  • Own a house
  • Get married and have some kids
  • Try sky and scooba diving.


Sally Twit
Become a counsellor
Get married
Own a dog
Own a house
Visit America, Canada, Japan, China and Rome
See QOTSA live


I ♥ Haters
Here are a few things that I wanna do before I die:

- Get my Masters Degree in Business Administration Management
- Visit every continent on the planet (except for Antarctica)
- Open my own no kill animal shelter
- Buy a Mercedes Benz CLK
- Get married
- Have a kid (yeah, just one)

Those are they only ones I've given thought to so far.


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I got a couple

Get a Chris Garver tattoo
Go skydiving
Visit the 7 wonders (man made ones, and natural)
See my favourite bands live
Learn to play bass guitar
Live in America for a short time
Own a Nissan GT-R
Do a sub-orbital space flight (when they happen, and if I ever had the money)

Those are all I can think of right now, but i'm sure there are more.
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I have a few that I can think of.

Visit Thailand to fish for some of the monster species that are there.
Visit America.
Go and see my sisters family in Mexico again.
Visit Canada.
See wolves in the wild.
Fish the Ebro in Spain for a catfish over 100lb.
Learn to drive and own a car.

And lastly fish the world over.

Last year I was meant to do the Spain fishing trip but it fell through, so I am hoping to cross that one off this year.


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Improve my knowledge in web development
Graduate College
Get some decent job
Meet some girl who I will love, respect and enjoy in every moment with her
Have a kid :)
Own a nice house and car
Visit England (especially Manchester and Old Trafford stadium :D), Norway, Sweden and Australia
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very good thread Shwa. heres some things i wanna do:

- visit Australia
- take a flight into space
- ride in a Bugatti Veyron
- get married and have a family
- see the Grand Canyon
- shop until i drop....lol