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You Be The Judge


Registered Member
Have you even been asked to be the judge of something, a contest or anything like that? Have you done it? Have you been a judge for a beauty contest? A painting contest? Wet t-shirt contest? How about judging some landscape, maybe a flower bed? Judge some poetry? Been a judge at a local BBQ, picked some of the best ribs or other grilled foods?
I was a judge once of an art exhibition. It was a difficult decision, there were some talented artists.


yellow 4!
Not anything notable, no. Your question just reminds me of handstand competitions at school, as we always had to pick someone to judge and I always hoped it would be me cause I didn't like doing handstands on the hill, haha. I don't know why I didn't just request to be the judge but there you go! Also singing competitions. I was always allocated judge of who has the best singing voice because I hated taking part.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
The only thing that I can think of is when we had a battle of the bands contest and I got to be one of the judges for that. There were 4 bands and I had to rank them 1 to 4...kinda cool to have power like that haha


Ms. Malone
I've judged a cosplay contest and I'm going to be judging another next weekend, and I'm going to be judging some manga artwork this weekend.

Other than that...nothing major :D


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Judge of choral singing. I prefer when I don't know any of the participants or if I know everyone. Just to make sure they don't think I have "know the person" bias. I do it because I know the technicalities involved in performing as I've competed myself and seen several competitions.

I'd like to be a food judge of bacon recipes. Mmmm...


Creeping On You
I've never been a judge of anything, but I would LOVE to be a judge of some kind of food contest :p It's about the only thing I'd be knowledgeable enough in to be a good judge.


Registered Member
I was asked by a teacher once to be one of the judges in a singing competition in school, because he knew that I had strong opinions on music and talent. I had to say no, because I was going to participate in the contest.