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TV You as a TV Character


Sally Twit
Is there any TV character that you are similar to? It could be you think or have been told you look like them, or it could be you have a similar personality.

For those of you familiar with 'The Royle Family', we used to joke that they were just like my family. The grandma is exactly the same as my grandma and the dad is similar to my dad. Not exactly the same but there are certain traits they share. And my mum shares some similar traits to the mum. So we'd say Denise (the daughter) was like my sister and I was left as being Anthony (the son!) We were both similar in the sense that when I was younger I would be the one answering the door and the phone. And I'd watch the TV with that moody FACE he always did lol.
Other than that, there is nobody I think I am similar to.
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Well-Known Member
I've been compared to Dr Cox's wife on a couple of occasions because I can be sarcastic and bitchy just like her. Also Loretta from Outrageous Fortune (although I doubt anyone has actually watched that show) is someone I always get compared to when I watch the show with other people. She's really determined, bitchy and doesn't like emotions. She's pretty damn cool


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No, not at all. I don't look like any celebrity and I doubt I act like any celebrity. The mold was broke when I was made.


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I've been noted as being similar to two people from TV that I can remember:

1) Alan Partridge (I'm Alan Partridge, among other things)
2) Anthony Royle (The Royle Family)

I don't know what to make of these analyses.

PS: Didn't realise you had a Royle Family reference up there Bliss. Strange. Perhaps the show is a good reflection of real life and people and shit.
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/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Brenda? :lol:

Before you panic Bliss, I'm not as effed up as she is but she does have opinions and way of thinking things about life that match me. But then I have a bit of the control freak bottled up Ruth in me. Or Nate's search for ideal life even when he's already old. Or David and his dark secret, haha. I'm that series!


Babeasaurus Sex
Probably Elliot mixed with Carla from Scrubs.



Babeasaurus Sex
Awww, why the slant face? That's a good combo. Haha.
lol neurotic/scary/crazy/bitchFACE...yep. I love it lol! Also I got told I was like Penny Garcia on Criminal Minds...
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