You and your native language

What languagu is foreign fo you?

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I speak English, I was born in America, so that's the only one I feel I need to know ~LoL~
However, my Grandfather on my Mother's side was born in Greece and my real Father was born in Germany, but I can't speak a word of either.


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I speak both English and Serbian but Serbian is my first language but I can't say that English is my foreign because I speak English better than I speak Serbian.


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I'm from Finland so my native language is Finnish, but we have to study three languages at school. First Finnish of course, but then we study English and Swedish. Yea.. Finland is billingual so we have to study Swedish also. All three are indispensable languages in Finland. That's an annoyance because I think that we don't need so much Swedish in our country. English and others big languages are more important.


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Native and easiest for me is Eesti.
Second for me is English.
Third is Russian. (speak only, spelling is something I am not good at all with this)
Fourth- I speak only a very little German.


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From where I come from, we speak thats my native language.
English? Well, I have studied english since Im a kid, so Im very used to it.
French, I studied it in school and a little more in the culinary academie, so Im kinda used to it.
So, definetly the foreign language for me is Russian, man I have no idea how russian is spoken nor how its writen...I just know it exists!! XD