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You and your grandparents.


Do you spend any time with them?
Who do you feel affection for, the most? Those of dad's or mom's?
If you don't spend any time with them, how often do you happen to think about them?
If they don't live anymore, do you miss them?

I spend a lot of time with my grandma from mom's side. I love her. I always used to love very much my grandpa' from the same side but he died in 2004. I miss him from time to time.
Those from the dad's side have died since I was younger than 10.


Embrace the Suck
My mom's mother died she my mom was 12 and I lost both grandfather's by the time I was about 12 myself. I lost my dad's mom about a year ago. Her and I were very close and I spent a lot of time with her growing up. I miss her very very much. I spent a lot of time with both of my grandfather's as well but I did lose them a long time ago. They were both very influential on me.


Sultan of Swat
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I wasn't to close to my grandmother on my mothers side, and my grandfather on that side died when I was four so I didn't know him all that well.

Both my grandparents on my dad side are still alive and I get along with them really well. I see them about a dozen to fifteen times a year.


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I spent most of my life from preteen until now living with my grandparents on my father's side. They took me in so I could live with my sister and go to a private school after my mother couldn't handle me anymore. I was very close with them before that and my grandmother is still alive. My grandfather passed away in December of 2008.

I used to see my mother's mother regularly when I was a child but my grandfather divorced her and they both moved on. She's still alive but barely recognizes me when I'm around. She's asked me "who are you" on two separate occasions. I was closer with my grandfather as he lived closer and shared a friendship with my father (in the past) and was well respected on my father's side of the family. He was a good man but died of lung cancer sometime in 2007.


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All of my grandparents live/lived in Maryland, so I only saw them a few times a year or less.

My mom's dad died when I was a baby, so I never really knew him. My mom's mom was probably the grandparent I was closest with. She died about seven years ago I think.

I was close to my grandparents on my dad's side too, but didn't see them quite as often. My dad's mom just passed away a few months ago, and my dad's dad has been in and out of the hospital lately and doesn't have much time left.


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I only see my grandmother on my mom's side, I don't know who my grandfather is on that side, and in the case of my father's side, there was a bit of a falling out with, when it comes to them.


The Hierophant
I don't have a very close relationship with any of my grandparents, all three sets of them. On my biological fathers side, I've spoken to my grandparents a handful of times but I wouldn't say that I was even remotely close to them. They live in Maine and I've never met them, but our phone conversations were always strained.

On my mothers side, I don't get along with my grandmother at all. She's a horrible person, and she's actually one of the two people that I use in comparison as to how horrible anyone that I've ever met in person, are. She's a sue happy hypochondriac who lives in some fantasy world where everyone is related to her and she can do no wrong. In my entire life, she's accused me of so many ridiculous things that just to name a few she's blamed me of stealing my uncles wallet when he had it on him, of stealing her wedding rings when they fell under her bed, breaking things in her house when I hadn't been there for months, so on and so forth. In my life, she's given me a rotten bag of oranges and some peanuts that she gave out for halloween, on christmas to share with my brother. A spongebob t-shirt that she won at bingo and countless IOU's. I've taken the low road a few times and bitched her out and asked her to apologize to me for all the wrong that she's done to me and she never has. She actually turned it around to make me the bad guy and got all of my aunts and uncles on her side to not talk to me. She's seriously one of the worst people that I know. My grandfather doesn't really talk much, so though he's been around, he was never really there.

My grandparents on my dad's side (step-father) are about the same. My grandfather on his side is the second person that I compare everyone to in reference to how horrible of a person someone is. He's a miserable old fuck with so many health problems that I'm shocked he isn't dead yet. He's racist, two faced, and for some reason, he never seems to realize that the reason no one likes him is because he's so mean to everyone. He keeps saying that he's going to shoot himself one of these days and I keep telling him that no one would miss him. I truly believe that the world would be a better place without him. My grandma on the other hand, dropped out of school in sixth grade to enter the work force. I think that should speak volumes in and of itself. She's dumb as a sack of shit. But she's a kind person. We don't really talk much, though cause it's hard to actually talk to her since she doesn't really understand most of the things that I talk about.

All in all, I'd say that I got gypped out of grandparents, but it's just as well.


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My mums mother lives in the US, and I haven't seen her since I was really young, perhaps 3 or 4. I sometimes talk to her over email, but not that often. My mums father died before I was born. My dads mother and father are still together, and they moved over to NZ a couple years after we did. Even though they live in the same time as me, I don't often see them. My grandmother doesn't often recognize me due to her Alzheimers, and although I get along I used to be close to my Grandfather, it's hard to go round and visit them now. They're just sitting there waiting to die, and it's not a happy place to be.

Then there are my step grandparents. I barely remember my step mums father, but what I do remember was really good. Unfortunately, he died when I was really young. My step mums mother was pretty cool too, I remember we used to go stay with her in the weekends every now and then. She always spoiled us. She died when I was about 12, in a horrible way. She has cancer and osteoporosis, and towards the end she stopped taking her meds, which resulting in her spine crumbling. I can't get the picture of her in her last days from my head, it outweighs the good times.

Then there are my foster grandparents, who i'm probably closest to out of the lot. They're pretty young as grandparents go (only around 60) so they're still pretty active, and up with the times.
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yellow 4!
I see my grandparents a lot. Multiple times a week.

My grandma on my dad's side is the cutest thing in the world. She comes round to do our ironing almost every weekday. She's very active for her age but starting to slow down.. I love her to bits. My grandad, her husband, died just before I was born. Everyone says we would have gotten on really well, my dad took after him and I take after my dad. I didn't realize you can miss someone you've never met.

My other Nan and Grandad on my mum's side I see once or twice a week and are lovely too. Real family people.


Living on the 0th floor
Both of my Grandparents on my Mother's side passed before I was ever born. I would have really liked to been able to know them though. My grandfather on that side sounds like he was quite an amazing man.

My grandmother from my father's side passed away about 7 years ago. I do miss her. She was a great grandmother, but she was the stereotypical Italian. She was tough as nails and we weren't able to step out of line or she would tear into us.. She also took all of her recipes to the grave with her, which drives a lot of my family insane.

My grandfather from my dad's side is my only remaining grandparent, but I haven't seen him for about 5 years. I was really super close to him, and I love him dearly. I miss him all the time, but I am torn about what to do in terms of seeing him or not. He remarried after my grandmother passed away to a wretched woman who conveniently planned their wedding to be on the anniversary of my grandmother's death. She is a money grubber, but she has done a lot of harm to my family in the past that I was ignorant to since I was young, so I can't comment on that part so much... When my brother died though, my grandfather did some things that I can't respect and hurt not only me, but my immediate family. That was a hard enough day, but he managed to make the memory even worse.. So I struggle with whether to try and forgive him since he is my grandfather and risk being disowned by quite a bit of my family.. Or to remember that pain and acknowledge how many of my family members feel about his wife and keep to myself. I'm sure I'll work that out within myself eventually.
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