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Design You Almighty: Version 1


Here's the idea... You're in charge of a parallel Earth in another dimension (Wormhole experiment went awry). You get to dictate global policy and law. You can also order the construction of anything. However, the world you are in charge of is almost identical to your world of origin in terms of resources, manpower, social tensions & wars, and economic state. The same nations still exist with their own parallel leaders (Obama, Putin, etc.) but you have legal authority over them. People are still the same as their parallels on Earth 1 and will react in very human ways to the things you decree.

The Earth is now yours to control. But I will be representing the responses of the populations, the concerns of government leaders, and the reaction of the planet itself to the changes you make. Fortunately, you will be given the opportunity to rewind decisions and choose a new path. You may also debate my decisions as Overseer and I may reverse them if I see fit.

Any takers?

If so, please begin a thread entitled "<yourname> Almighty V1" and link to it from this thread.

- Chameleon


I guess I made this idea a bit too busy for most folks...

If anyone does take an interest, please PM me and I'll revive the idea.