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Yoko Ono's influence on The Beatles demise?


Sultan of Swat
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How much influence did Yoko have on the demise of The Beatles? Do you believe she was the biggest factor of the split? I know that by the end, Harrison, Lennon and McCartney didn't get along so well, but do you believe Yoko had anything to do with that?

Unfortunately there's not a lot of articles written about their break up, so maybe some people here can educate me.


The Rock is cooking atm..
I have no background or any info for that matter, but I think the band broke up mainly due to creative differences, as many groups do. I don't think Yoko had as MUCH influence over the break up as many people do. That's just what I think though, nothing to back it up with obviously.


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Personally, I think Lennon would have gone in that direction had Yoko not been around.
I'm a huge Beatles fan and hate that they broke up at such a huge high BUT I think Lennon was able to experience a lot and write a lot while he was exploring a new way of life with Yoko. She may not have been great for the band, but John loved her and I really think she just thought she was helping him.

I'm fairly certain the Beatles would have broken up had she not been in the picture, it might have been worse though.
I dunno, that's just my opinion.


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I think her presence just added to the tension the Beatles were struggling with, in terms of conflicts in direction, legal stuff, finance, etc.


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I don't believe that Yoko was entirely responsible for the break up of The Beatles. She was more of a catalyst that influenced John Lennon to change the direction of his musical career. I think they were gonna split anyways since the guys weren't getting along near the end, Yoko Ono just sped up the process.


Creeping On You
From stuff I've read here and there, drugs played a part too. Drugs, Yoko, and creative differences. They started when they were young and made a ton of songs. Eventually as each one evolved as a musician, their tastes and styles and ambitions would cease being as congruent. It's a common thing for a lot of bands. Either the band changes styles as a whole, or the band splits and the members do their own projects.

Look at the long standing bands now adays. Aside for a few exceptions, a lot of them sound way different than their debut albums.
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