Yo, I was referred to this site by lavoid, he told me it was the best site ever so after he sent me the link to this place several times I finally decided to checked it out. I gotta admit it's not bad. as far as the whole tell something about myself thing goes, I'll explain the meaning of my screen name for those who don't know japanese. Itachi means weasel, and was given to me by my friends which I've come to realize fits me very well. I've been able to weasel my way out of awkward situations, wort case scenarios that go from getting out of speeding tickets and walking away from car wrecks, to simply drawing what I need in card games in order to turn my fortune around and win. The other nickname they gave me was Jesus, but since I'm not one who cares much for miracles, I decided to stick with Itachi.
welcome itachi, its nice to see someone without a half-assed intro thread :) hope you become an active person here, we have cool stuff, and more to come in the near future when we get fusion-central.com operational and integrated. stick around ;)


wow good job lavoid..

and welcome itachi, by your introduction post I see you like to post a lot, maybe you could come visit the anime section and post on topics about naruto.. seeing that ur username is from a naruto character :)

please stay active and continue to post whats on your mind..and enjoy your stay


o_O an anime section, I think I'll have to check it out. And thanks for the comments. How often I post depends on how often I run into stupid people on the site (no offense to anybody), and if it's everything lavoid said it'd be I don't think that'll be a problem. Pojo for example I have been a member of for almost a year and think I've just hit 350 posts.


Welcome to the forums, hopefully you become active


yeah welcome man,..and make sure ur active..you dont want to miss out on the new posts & everything else!


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Welcome to the forums Itachi. Like I keep saying to every member. Please post as much as you can and become active here on Fusion Central. It's really refreshing to see other people are getting member here. Good job guys.