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yo lister wants to convert stuff


New Member
i am wanting to know is it possible to get a car alternator and firstly convert it to a motor and then with a switch make it generator power the idea is to use the motor as a starter for a single cylinder engine then when the engine is started use the engine power to power the alternator as a generator so in summery start alternator as motor then switch to generator by switch


Do What Thou Wilt
Welcome to GF.

You want to turn a car alternator into a starter motor?
They only get power at high RPM (around 40K), and so aren't wired for torque so it wouldn't be feasible to do. Not to mention they are significantly heavier. You are better off retrofitting a starter motor from another engine to yours.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Why don't you use a starter motor from a car? They're generally all electrical so all you'd have to do is run some power to it and it'll start.

Does your single cylinder engine have a belt drive? If not, you'll have to find a way to rig the alternator to the "drive" part of your engine.

Honestly what you're proposing is horribly inefficient and a switch wouldn't work. The alternator charges the battery which in turn powers everything else (like the starter) and it is constantly charging the battery. I'm not sure how much juice you'd get running hot from it.