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Yea. I play video games avidly, watch too many movies and sports, and I dunno what else to say.


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Welcome to the forums, I am very glad you've decided to join these forums, and hopefully you'll become a very active member here at Central Fusion, enjoy yourself and post as much as you can.
Welcome to this site how did you hear about it.

You should start posting in the sports section and movie section.

Also If you want you may post in the video game section lol.

Welcome to fusion central enjoy your stay and obey the rules.

EDIT: damn VC you always beat me to everything lol.


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Don't listen to Omega...stay away from the Sports section as far as possible! It has enough poster's already ><;

Lol but welcome to Central Fusion home of one of the many VC fan's that reside in the sport's section!*coughs* Um don't mind that last comment....it came out randomly*hands a bag of chocolate* Enjoy ur stay and hope to c u around!


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What can I say, when I see someone new joining then I see a new introduction I have to be the first one to reply lol. Also don't listen to them post as much as you can in the basketball section as much as you want. I want it to be the first section to reach 10000 posts :)
Yes listen to Kyo Muramasa go post in the yu-gi-oh section.

Also I have never heard of Vince Carter till I till he harssed me throu Im lol.

jk VC lol.

same goes for you Kyo.