Yo im baaackkk!


Musician of the B.W.
wat up peeps, its been awhile and i thought id say hi. so wats happened to everyone over the summer. and hows everyone been.


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umm...no offense or anything but...who are you? welcome back anyways, lol


Sultan of Swat
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Welcome back, hopefully this time you won't leave again, so you won't need to post another message like this lol.

That being said I am glad your back, it's always nice to see lots of active members on these forums on a daily basis.


Musician of the B.W.
i plan on trying to get on as much as i ppossibly can. i can usually only do it around this time of day at my school due to the fact that i dont have a comp. and my friends computer wont let me sign in to FC. its weird but yeah. anyway my summer went pretty good.