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Yet another newbie


New Member
Hi everyone!! My sister, Kromsales, lead me here. She thinks this site is great, so I figured its my turn to check it out.


Registered Member
Hi Kroms sister.

Welcome to the site. Don't believe everything she told you about us :p


Registered Member
hiya welcome...........


Wanna play?
Any sis of Krom is an instant friend of mine! Welcome, what took ya so long?


Registered Member
Welcome to the site.Enjoy yourself.


New Member
Krom says nothing but good things...usually! Unfortunately I'm only on the puter occasionally. I use the in-laws-to-be computer, until the fiance realizes that the catalogues for computers are NOT for decoration!


Registered Member
Hi Krom Sis! Ohhhhh do we get to plan a wedding?!!!?

Welcome to the nut house.....errrrr......AS!