Yesterday at GF (personal views)


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Yes, it had finally happened.
Since coming to GF out of boredom and accustoming myself to not being bored I was once again bored out of my mind.
I was waiting in chat, just to pass the time, not really expecting anyone to drop by. And I thought that if anyone would've, it would've been just as my husband got home and then I'd have to log off.
Someone did log on and a min later logged off so even though I was wrong in my assumtions I still didn't get to chat to anyone.

On an entirely different subject (and that's cos I am thinking about it too much) this week I'm having an Ultrasound to evalute the fetal development and I'm gonna ask to know what its sex is.
In my first pregnancy I didn't want to know the gender of my unborn baby I wanted a surprise. Now I'm going to have the surprise revealed a little earlier (this wednesday) and hope to find it makes a difference knowing the gender.

Since I've got nothing else on my mind for now I'll stop here.


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i think it's great that you are having a kid and i also think that finding out the sex is great.


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