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YES!!!! got my free xbox 360 yesterday

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yep got it in the mail yesterday i am so happy:):nod::D:p:cute::rolleyes::cool:


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
The word that raises questions in mind is..... 'free'? let me guess, it's one of those referral site thingys?


rainbow 11!
*Awaits for the swift and hard thrust of the almighty banhammer.*


For the Horde!
Eh, I would leave him , Just put the the thread in subtalk maybe?


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Ok since no one else did I will take the bait.

Oh wow! How did you get a free xbox360 please share with the rest of us how we might could get in on such a awesome deal.


Lol, this is hilarious.

I think he had his friend steal it and mail it to him.
*Awaits for the swift and hard thrust of the almighty dick.*
Le Fixed madam.
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