Yep I finally said what was on my mind......



So we lost our basketball game today, and again our coach was pissed, told us how bad we were blah blah, halftime the varsity coach came in and specifically told us to "attack the basket" and go in to the lane..... so in the second half i did just that, i attacked but of course coach always finds a reason to bag on me, said i wasnt running the offense.... like my defender wasnt around me so yea its common scense to drive in... then after the game he always tells me to speak up, not be a kid and tell me whats on my mind, the other times i would just keep quiet, shaking my head for yes or no responses.... this time he asked me... "what the hell did you see in that play?!, why didnt you run the play?! what were you doing out there?? blah blah blah" so i told him shit i messed up 1 play and i missed, i told him that i thought he wanted me to attack and shit, the one time i finally said what was on my mind... then he says that im "talking back" and "challenging him" like wtf... who the hell does he think he is... were 1-8 and he just yells most of the time, i dont see shit in his offense and he always likes to run wierd ass plays that does nothing for the team, he talks way too much in practice too and we never actually get to work on our game.... im like the fastest, quickest, most athletic and have the best shot on the team.... he knows and tells me that too, its not like i dont hustle and dont play defense because i do.... damn so he got pissed at me and told me to clear my locker, so i did and now i dont care about this crap anymore, actually its a benefit, i wasnt having fun anyways playing for his stupid system and now i dont have to go to his stupid practices... i have more time to focus on other things and now to actually enjoy basketball..... i better get back my money too.... thing cost too much money to begin with just to loose and get yelled at for nothing.... well im out.



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This guy sounds like a real tool. He's seems to be the type that will never blame himself for is mistakes, and will always found away to put the blame on someone else. Basketball is meant to enjoy, and if you didn't enjoy it playing under him then it's not worth it. So I guess you speaking up, and talking back to your coach was a blessing in the sky, because you got kicked off your crappy team, and now you enjoy the game again.


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Why didn't you go out with a bang Tee since he got on ur nerves and disrespected u that badly? Hm though everyone meets ppl in their life that they just can't get along with but have to put up with it for future life experiences when this might happen again. But there has to be some more b-ball teams around ur area right? Don't just give up on it all together if u love it so much, find other ways to still enjoy what u love so much^^;